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'Justice has convicted America': CBS News invites 'anti-racist' Ibram X. Kendi to lecture us all on 'transforming this nation' in the wake of Chauvin trial [video]

Hey, you know what we need right now to fix the racial turmoil?

We’re not sure exactly what the answer is, but we’re pretty damn sure it’s not Ibram X. Kendi:


In fact, Ibram X. Kendi may be among the very last things we need. But for some reason, CBS News has decided that, after all the gasoline Kendi has poured onto the racial discourse, the best thing to do is to hand him a match.

It means that Ibram X. Kendi is using the guilty verdict to impugn the character of America as a whole. And that’s something he would have done had the verdict came back as “not guilty.”

Because Kendi’s goal isn’t racial justice or racial harmony; it’s perpetual discord.


He’s literally made a successful career out of inflaming existing racial tensions with the express purpose of causing societal breakdown. Ibram X. Kendi is not an anti-racist; he’s just a racist. And he’s the worst kind of racist because he’s made it his life’s mission to spread his racism to as many people as possible.

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