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Almost had it! Alyssa Milano tries unsuccessfully to do woke damage control after offering up her two cents on the Daunte Wright shooting

It’s a free country, and Alyssa Milano’s as entitled as anyone to weigh in on the recent shooting death of Daunte Wright.

So she did:


OK, fair. We’re with her so far. She might actually have made a successful attempt at a reasonable point without faceplantin— ah. Sorry. Spoke too soon:

Well, we’ll give her this much: “policeperson” is definitely not an offensive term. Unless, of course, you’re invented by tortured attempts at maintaining political correctness. In that case, color us offended.

She should’ve gone with that one. Or this:

Though as some nicer people than us are pointing out, she also had another option:

At least now she’ll know for next time. Maybe.


Yes, definitely keep it P.C. Otherwise you might look ridiculous.

Alyssa Milano crossed that line a while ago, poor thing.

We almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

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