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WaPo's Margaret Sullivan needed a 'study' to tell her why so many Americans hate the media, and she *still* doesn't get it

It’s the media’s job to know what’s going on. And yet, when it comes to understanding why so many people can’t stand them, they always seem to be the last to know.


If only WaPo’s Margaret Sullivan is any indication, journalists need a study to tell them they suck. And even then, they still don’t really get it:

Put on your shocked faces:

But, according to some major new research released today, these values [oversight, transparency, factuality, spotlighting wrongdoing, and giving a voice to the voiceless] can be a turnoff for the general public. And it suggests that journalists who want to reach the broadest audience and have the greatest impact should consider changing how they think about and present their work.


Hey, here’s a suggestion: journalists could actually try practicing what they preach. So crazy, it just might work!

But that would require introspection, of course, and journalists like Margaret Sullivan can never get very deep below the surface.

Sullivan concludes:

This research, troubling as it is, offers journalists the chance to think differently. Given the depth of our trust problem, we would do well to take that opportunity.

Well, given that Sullivan has basically just squandered a golden opportunity to take responsibility for her own role in fueling public distrust of the media, we won’t hold our breath for her to take the opportunity to “think differently.”


Gives journalists something to do, since they’re not really all that interested in actual journalism.



Exactly. Journalists have done this to themselves.

Case in point:

Of course.

Oh, Jake Tapper absolutely believes he exemplifies those values.

Which is why if the media are hoping for the public to embrace them, they’re going to be waiting a long, long time. Maybe forever.

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