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United Airlines affirms their commitment to training pilots based on sex and race, because those are more important than actual qualifications

Recently, United Airlines took a bold stand against Georgia’s new election law:


But what good is a bold stand if there’s no action to back it up? Not much.

So United is putting their money where their mouth is and showing that they’re extremely serious about combatting Jim Crow and racism:

How stunning and brave of United! Or at least brave. Because it’s pretty brave to just announce to potential customers that you’re prioritizing pilot hires based on sex and race, as opposed to being chiefly concerned about pilots’ capability to competently fly and land a plane.

OK, MJ, but you guys are setting up a quota based purely on race and sex. So this isn’t so much about training the best pilots as it is about appearing woke enough. Oh, and potentially screwing over eminently qualified candidates simply because they’re white and male.


We’ll pass, thanks.


Georgia’s election law isn’t responsible for an insufficiently diverse squad of pilots at United Airlines. Nope, this one’s on United Airlines. This one’s their problem.

And speaking of problems for United Airlines:

Should be very entertaining.

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