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BLM activist Bree Newsome is tired of the Tom Brady GOAT talk when the NFL 'denies Black athletes an opportunity to play QB to this day'

So apparently Tom Brady is a pretty good quarterback. Is he football’s GOAT? Well, that’s up for debate.

Unless you’re someone like social justice activist and flagpole climber Bree Newsome. For Newsome, there can be no debate about Tom Brady’s merits as a quarterback.


Because, you know, Tom Brady is just another white guy:

(Because Tom Brady is white.)

We never thought of it that way! Probably because it’s asinine.


The only reason there are racial undertones to the GOAT conversation is that people like Bree Newsome put them there.

To normal, well adjusted, non-racebaiting types, athletes’ merit isn’t based on their race.




USA Today sports columnist shames Tom Brady for refusing to see how his white male heterosexual privilege lets him avoid talking politics

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