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Rick Wilson warns that 'the folks who are accusing' the Lincoln Project of knowing about John Weaver are 'putting themselves in jeopardy' [video]

Make no mistake: Rick Wilson is deeply, deeply sorry to all the young men who were preyed upon by his friend and Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver. Hand to God, Rick had no idea that Weaver had these proclivities (despite those proclivities apparently being an open secret among the political consultant class).


Rick Wilson’s too busy drinkin’ beers from his Confederate cooler to follow Gay Twitter, who is apparently keeping better tabs on John Weaver than the brilliant, D.C.-savvy Lincoln Project luminaries.

Of course it’s a lie. Lying is what Rick Wilson does.

Well, lying, and threatening people:


Rick’s last sentence there wasn’t a complete thought, but we think we can still get the gist of what he’s saying: those who point out the Lincoln Project’s hypocrisy and apparent attempted coverup of Weaver’s long and disturbing history of sexually propositioning young men had better watch their backs. Or else.


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