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The plot thickens? Janice Dean shares more eyebrow-raising footage of Alec Baldwin discussing his charming wife 'Hilaria' [videos]

By now, you’ve probably heard at least something about the strange saga of Hilaria Baldwin’s years-long charade of Spanishness.

Her husband Alec Baldwin has valiantly defended her honor:


Is he defending her because he genuinely thought she was from Spain? Janice Dean has stumbled across some video of Alec Baldwin impersonating Hilaria, complete with his version of her purported Spanish accent:

His wife is from Spain, you know:

El Bostoñ!

It’s definitely possible that Hilaria has had Alec fooled all these years. He is, after all, a notoriously stupid person.

But Dean can’t help but wonder:


That does sound like something he’d do …

In any event, Alec Baldwin is lookin’ pretty silly these days.



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