Rachel Dolezal (and Shaun King, for that matter) may still hold the crown when it comes to appropriation, but Hilaria Baldwin’s no slouch, either.

See, it seems that Alec Baldwin’s Spanish wife is actually not Spanish at all. She’s just Hillary Hayward-Thomas, American white girl from Boston, a city that is not in Spain:

Further posts showed Hilaria’s mother discussing growing up in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, and numerous articles pointed to how she had spent virtually her entire career practicing medicine in Massachusetts, where she’d served as “an associate physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School” until she “retired from both positions in 2012,” according to MassLive. (In a video interview she said she moved to Mallorca, Spain, in 2011, the same year Hilaria began dating Alec.) An obituary for Hilaria’s grandfather on her father’s side stated that he was an American with roots in the country that “pre-dated the American Revolution,” while a wedding announcement indicated that her grandfather’s first wife (and mother of their children) hailed from Nebraska.

Hilaria Baldwin’s CAA speaker page claims that she was born in Mallorca, Spain, as does her IMDb bio and Wikipedia page. She said on a podcast earlier this year: “I moved here [to America] when I was 19 to go to NYU from… my family lives in Spain, they live in Mallorca,” adding, “I knew no pop culture.” She has graced the cover of Hola! magazine, a Spanish-language publication based out of Madrid, where she was identified as a Spanish person in both the interview and its press release. Alec Baldwin has repeatedly referred to her as “Spanish” online. And she’s made a number of appearances in Latina magazine, which she’s enthusiastically promoted (Spain is not a part of Latin America, by the way), and has referred to Spain as her “home.”

It appears that Hilaria’s real name is Hillary Hayward-Thomas, according to her old MySpace page and those who claim to be her old classmates. She attended the private Cambridge School of Weston, in Massachusetts, and in her senior yearbook is listed as “Hillary Hayward-Thomas”



Pepperidge Farm remembers:

How you say in English … “I’m full of crap”?

Señora Hilaria’s response to getting called out didn’t really help her case:


Save some fingertips for Alec Baldwin, too:

Those two make quite a pair, don’t they?

See, SJW college kids complaining about sombrero decorations at Mexican food night in the dining hall? What Hilaria Baldwin did is genuine cultural appropriation. It’s — wait for it — hilarious, to be sure. But it’s also obnoxious and pretty vile when you stop and think about it.

It’s so … Baldwinesque.