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Pity poor COVID19 hero Andrew Cuomo, who's 'suffering every lost dollar with' the NYC restaurants whose business he's destroying

Effective on Monday, indoor dining in New York City will be shut down, per Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s orders.


Indoor dining hasn’t really accounted for a huge percentage of COVID19 cases, so what gives? Surely Cuomo must have a good explanation for this decision, right?

Wait … that’s it? That’s the best he can come up with?

Not really, no.

Don’t expect him to get back to you on that.

He didn’t ask for any of this, you guys.


As if! He can’t afford it! He’s suffering, too! Maybe even more than restaurant owners and employees! Probably a lot more, actually, because it’s hard governing a state while also promoting your book and being a pompous jackass.



COVID19 vaccine skeptic Andrew Cuomo promises ‘a public education campaign to battle the skepticism’ about a COVID19 vaccine

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