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'And?' The Hill tries to paint GOP Gov. Kristi Noem as some sort of COVID19 hypocrite (and fails miserably)

The list of Democratic politicians flouting their own COVID19 restrictions is long, and it’s getting longer. Some of them are sneakier about it than others, but they’re all hypocrites.


Enter The Hill to do damage control for the Party of Science™ by attempting to paint South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem as one such hypocrite:

Scandal! It’s an absolute scandal, you guys!

More from The Hill:

Noem, one of only a few governors never to impose lockdown measures during the spring wave of the virus, left the state this weekend to participate in the opening ceremonies of a Texas rodeo. She also attended Sunday’s Georgia Senate debate as a guest of Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R) and took questions from press afterward.

Can you believe that Kristi Noem had the chutzpah to openly leave her state, in clear violation of lockdown orders she never imposed to begin with? How dare she?!



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