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Blue-checked 'antiracism educator' fires up his gaslight to prove Matthew McConaughey is lying about the 2016 election (it doesn't go well)

As Twitchy told you, the Resistance is big mad at actor Matthew McConaughey for having the nerve to criticize the Left’s four years of election denialism.


McConaughey actually had the temerity to liken the anti-Trump Resistance’s behavior to that of people on the Right currently insisting that Donald Trump is the rightful election victor and that Joe Biden’s win is illegitimate. How dare he make a completely accurate assessment?!

Well, many of McConaughey’s critics are blaming his white privilege for his belief that the liberal anti-Trump Resistance has a lot in common with the right-wing anti-Biden Resistance. And since white privilege is clearly at play here, let’s see what white privilege expert and celebrated “antiracism educator” Tim Wise has to say about the situation:

Sure, Jan.

Is it white privilege for a white guy like Tim Wise to sit there and try to gaslight all of us, knowing full-well that he’s lying through his white man’s teeth?


C’mon, Tim. Surely you can do better than that!



Yep, that’s definitely him.

Well, when you’re as intellectually dishonest as Tim, mental gymnastics are a snap.

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