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Media go-to expert on Trump's mental health notes that 'at least Hitler' was a better leader than POTUS, and she's sorry if that offends you

We’ve seen plenty of hot takes about how Donald Trump is the second coming of Adolf Hitler, but this one from Dr. Bandy X Lee — who often weighs in on Donald Trump’s mental health on CNN and MSNBC — is in a class of its own:


Is that a hot take, or is that a hot take?

@dril must be beaming right now:

Wow. Just … wow.

The List was made for people like Bandy X Lee. Who, by the way, is not just your average doctor:

The world’s mental health is in big trouble if she’s running the show.


You people were just missing her point:

It’s your fault for assuming that Dr. Lee was minimizing Hitler’s atrocities when she minimized Hitler’s atrocities!



Don’t do this. Oh, wait. You already did.

Oh well. At least “most of” her fellow serious thinkers out there understood her:

We’d like to know who “understood” so we can make sure to never take anything they say seriously.



Uh, guys?

How deep does this grave go?


What in the ever-loving f*ck?

You know what’s really dangerous? Alleged “mental health professionals” making excuses for Adolf Hitler.

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