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Ex-Hillary Clinton senior adviser comes after Dem senators who aren't sufficiently outraged by ACB's 'illegitimate' SCOTUS nom

Former Hillary Clinton senior adviser Zac Petkanas is just beside himself over today’s SCOTUS confirmation proceedings:


Sorry … is it not like any other normal Supreme Court nomination? What’s illegitimate about filling a Supreme Court vacancy, which is not at all the same thing as packing the court?

Lefty tools like Zac are overplaying their hands. And if they had any sense, they’d sit down and shut up before they hurt themselves any more than they already have.

But they don’t, so they won’t. Which means we’re just going to have to keep doing this.


It’s worth noting that Zac also worked for Harry Reid, so it’s actually not surprising that his takes on the judicial system aren’t terribly well thought out.

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