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Alyssa Milano's so proud of her Trump-Biden debate summary that she doesn't want you to tell her how brilliant she is

Like other politically savvy Americans, Alyssa Milano watched last night’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and her pal Joe Biden.

While some viewers may have found both candidates’ behavior and performances objectionable or at least not ideal, to Milano, there was a clear winner.


And that winner was Joe Biden, obviously:

Astute observations there, Alyssa. As usual. We’re guessing a lot of people would like to congratulate you on your genius take.

But alas, they cannot, as you have severely limited potential replies to your tweet:

This is the only reply that shows up:

Why doesn’t she want to engage with the public? Being a Democrat, Joe Biden is a man of the people … shouldn’t Alyssa Milano take a page from his book and be a woman of the people?


Come on, Alyssa. That’s not nice.

Thank goodness for quote retweets, at least.


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