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'Did NOT age well': Seems like this smug Salon writer owes Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo — and maybe the rest of us — an apology

Early last monght, Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo predicted that “hundreds of thousands” of Americans would be infected with COVID19.

Salon breaking news writer Matthew Rozsa thought that was hilarious for some reason:


Yeah, that Maria Bartiromo sure was silly, wasn’t she?

Fast-forward to where we’re at now, and Rozsa’s the one with egg on his face:

According to Johns Hopkins, we’re currently at over 217,000 confirmed COVID19 cases in the United States, and that number’s climbing every day.

“Much misinformation.”

Rosza also writes:

Fox personalities spread much misinformation about the coronavirus since the pandemic arrived stateside. Several segments on Fox News have blamed the homeless population for spreading the virus, even though there is no evidence to support such a claim.

Jesse Watters insisted that he would beat the virus if he caught it with “the power of positive thinking.” Earlier this week, the host falsely claimed that the coronavirus outbreak started because of Chinese people “eating raw bats and snakes,” an inaccurate assumption rooted in racism.


“Rooted in racism” must be Salon-speak for “based on the truth.”

Seems to us that Matthew owes Maria Bartiromo an apology. And maybe the rest of us, too, as he was apparently more interested in being woke than in being realistic.

Fox News is far from perfect. But the notion that they’re the ones who’ve been spreading “misinformation” about COVID19 — as countless MSM outlets have spent months pushing ChiCom propaganda — is intellectually dishonest.

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