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'Delete this': CNN pundit and Lincoln Project senior adviser Sophia A. Nelson reaps the whirlwind after using 'that word' to describe Donald Trump; UPDATE: Nelson grabs a bigger shovel

Earlier today, Rick Wilson went after the notion that the impeachment circus was a distraction from the COVID19 crisis:


Self-described “award-winning journalist” and CNN commentator Sophia A. Nelson also thinks it’s hogwash, and she made that quite clear in her response to Wilson:

Here’s a screenshot, for obvious reasons:

Hoo boy.

She’s so going on The List.





It will no doubt please you to know that Nelson wound up deleting her tweet because she was really sorry.

Spoiler: She wasn’t actually sorry. She just got tired of “you guys” giving her a hard time:

So classy. She definitely belongs at the Lincoln Project — and CNN.


She’s still going:

So, she’s just like the rest of the Lincoln Project frauds: crowing about having principles from way down in the gutter.

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