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Tragic: Victim of sexism Elizabeth Warren feels especially bad for 'all those little girls who are going to have to wait four more years' [video]

It’s only natural that Elizabeth Warren be disappointed that her sucky campaign couldn’t carry her over the finish line, despite all her pandering and bald-faced lies. Her admirers should take heart, then, that even in defeat, Elizabeth Warren remains as transparently awful as ever.


First, the “America is sexist” excuse:

Yeah, well, Elizabeth Warren was a Democratic candidate. So her beef should be with the Democratic Party, not with GOP “sexism.”

But if she can’t blame sexism for her colossal failure as a presidential candidate and human being, she’s got nothing. That’s why she really has no choice but to lean into it as hard as she can. To that end, she’s turning her personal failure into a failure of sorts for little girls everywhere who have dreams of a female president:

Oh, the humanity! All those little girls’ dreams dashed because Elizabeth Warren lost. How will they pick up the pieces? Clearly Warren was their only hope, their only reason for ever believing that a woman could be president. And now, they’ve got no one to look up to.


Unless they’re looking for a role model who refuses to take any personal responsibility for her mistakes and her lies. In that case, Elizabeth Warren can still inspire them.

Is it really a missed opportunity if it never even occurred to her to not blame sexism for her loss?

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