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Self-described 'Marxist pig' Carlos Maza declares that 'Pete Buttigieg is a Republican' for condemning Bernie Sanders' defense of communist regimes

Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg doesn’t really stand a chance against the Bernie Sanders machine, but he’s not gonna go down without taking a few swings at the communist apologist:


We can guess how effective Buttigieg’s message will be in dissuading Democratic voters from pulling the lever for Bernie.

It’s not clear how “lit” the debate will actually be, since firing shots on Twitter isn’t the same as lobbing bombs at a debate. But we’re pretty sure that self-described “Marxist pig” Carlos Maza’s take on Buttigieg’s tweet is quite stupid:

Bernie Bros are a strange lot.


Pete Buttigieg is a lot of things. Annoying, for example. A desperate panderer, for another example. But if your contention is that opposing Fidel Castro’s murderous communist regime equals Republican, it might be time to check your math.

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