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WIRED helps computational biologist spread her message that 'science at its core is systematically racist and sexist'

Can you forgive us for missing this when WIRED originally put it out there last week? We hope so. What really matters is that we’re making sure that you’re aware of it now. “It” being that a computational biologist named Laura Boykin has pronounced science “systematically racist and sexist”:


How fun!

OK, so what’s this about, anyway? Maybe if we read WIRED’s article, it’ll make sen— annnnd nope:

The actual issue is apparently that Laura Boykin is an idiot and also that WIRED is dumb enough to promote her.


If science were truly sexist, we might have the good fortune to be spared from the hot takes of lady scientist Laura Boykin. But alas. We’re stuck with her. So much for sexist science.



WIRED suggests embracing ‘the glorious victories of trans athletes’ because hey, sports ‘have never been fair’ anyway

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