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'What a disgrace'! Ilhan Omar's explanation for voting 'present' on resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide is unacceptable

The House held a vote today on a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide.


Believe it or not, some members actually voted no, which is quite gross:

But not stunning and brave human rights defender Ilhan Omar. Nope, she stunningly and bravely voted “present”:

Oh well. At least she had a good reason.

J/K. No she didn’t:

Did we mention she’s a human rights crusader?


Actually, Chris, it’s pretty easy to square this “present” vote with who Ilhan Omar is as a person.


Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional text and tweets.




On a related note:


Well, Omar never met a human rights abuser she didn’t like.

Now, if you want to pass a resolution sanctioning Israel, then Ilhan will be there with bells on.



Rep. Ihan Omar, who favors sanctioning Israel, says ‘we shouldn’t rush into sanctioning countries’ like Iran

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