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'Covering for a liar': NYT goes to bat hard for Elizabeth Warren, attempts to shame Washington Free Beacon for doing actual journalism

As Twitchy told you earlier, MSNBC managed to address the current controversy surrounding Elizabeth Warren’s apparent lie about getting fired for being “visibly pregnant” by swallowing EMILY’s List VP of comms Christina Reynolds’ BS explanation for Warren’s evolving narrative.


The New York Times has essentially decided to follow suit, gathering as many water-carrying buckets as they can in order to defend Warren from the Washington Free Beacon’s journalism:

The New York Times is a lot more concerned about the Washington Free Beacon’s reporting undermining Elizabeth Warren’s narrative than they are about Elizabeth Warren undermining Elizabeth Warren’s narrative. Pathetic.

The entire piece basically does Elizabeth Warren’s dirty work for her, making her out to be the victim of a discriminatory policy as opposed to the perpetrator of yet another lie to perpetuate her victimhood narrative.


(That’s a rhetorical question, of course.)


Sounds about right.

It’s honestly hard to argue with that assessment.

Last word to the Free Beacon:

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