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AOC pushes back against claims that she's a liar by — you guessed it! — lying some more

Earlier this week, Joe Scarborough complained about the overly woke Left making it more difficult for Democrats to beat Donald Trump in 2020. So what did he do this morning? He went to bat for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of course:


AOC appreciated the assist, but she’ll take it from here:

Now they’re resorting to calling you a liar? Honey, conservatives and Republicans have been calling you a liar since day one. Because it’s the truth.

Concerted? Please. It requires zero effort to point out that AOC is a serial liar. What’s been concerted is the efforts of all her defenders — AOC chief among them — to run interference for her and attempt to gaslight the rest of us.


She literally cannot open her mouth without a lie falling out.

Democrats have fought hard in the War on Drugs, as well. And Republicans aren’t calling #MeToo survivors liars, either. But you go off, Kween.

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