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'Bigot alert'! Blue-checked SJW Saira Rao thinks Twitter needs 'a mute all white women button' ASAP

Remember Saira Rao? She’s the failed Democratic congressional candidate with the pretty blue checkmark who seems to have a one-sided beef with white people:


A couple of weeks have passed since that rather racist tweet, and now that she’s had some time to think about things … she’s actually still quite racist.

Let’s set the stage, if we may. A self-described “Christian, disabled, mixed race, queer woman” who goes by the handle @twitchyspoonie recently posted a warning about the evils of capitalism:

You can read the whole thread if you want, but you should probably know that you’ll lose a few brain cells in the process. Anyway, another tweeter, @R_JaniceOrlando, pointed out to @twitchyspoonie that when push comes to shove, @twitchyspoonie wouldn’t be any better off under socialism. In fact, she’d fare much, much worse:


@twitchyspoonie apparently can’t handle the truth, especially from a lady who happens to be white:

Saira Rao feels her pain:

Hey! That gives Saira an idea:

My, how … inclusive!

Well, at least Saira’s consistent. We’ve gotta give her that.

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