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The science is settled: Tom Nichols knows what the abortion debate is really all about

Are you sitting down? You should probably try to find a chair. Otherwise, you might faint from the shock of seeing Real Conservative Tom Nichols regurgitate  tiresome pro-abort talking points.


Let’s start here, with NYT opinion writer sharing this embarrassingly bad take on anti-abortion legislation:


Enter Tom Nichols:


Do you have to be religious to think that killing a living human being is killing a living human being?


Come on, Tom.

Oh, is that what the pro-life cause is all about?


Razor-sharp insight as usual, Tom.



Here’s a newsflash for Tom: It’s actually possible to be wary of anti-abortion legislation like that in Georgia and Alabama but still believe in the humanity of unborn babies and that abortion kills a living thing, not because religious faith says so but because science says so. This shouldn’t be difficult to grasp. But Tom seems to be having a hell of time grasping it.

Tom Nichols hasn’t given us too many reasons to respect him, but we could at least respect him a little bit if he’d just come right out and admit that he’s a grifter and a fraud.

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