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'The wokest biohazard': Self-proclaimed 'Queer Femme activist' fights for trans community by leaving this 'present' in a public men's room [pic]

Ericka Hart calls herself a “sexuality educator.” But we’re really not sure what sort of lesson we’re supposed to learn from this, other than that she’s a disgusting person:


In case it wasn’t already clear, she’s super-duper proud of herself. She’s not letting the haters distract her from her mission:

Yeah, it’s just a little bodily fluid! No biggie! Someone else will clean it up.


She’s grossed out by biohazard, Ericka. Biohazard you left on purpose, in a public place.

If you busted out your period-stained sheets in a public place, people would be outraged, yes. Because you’d be shoving your bodily fluid in their faces. And we’d be willing to bet that Ericka would be grossed out if someone “left a present” in her bathroom.


We can’t help but wonder how Ericka’s performance art — or whatever the hell this was supposed to be — benefits the trans community in any way. Or any community, for that matter.


It shouldn’t be this difficult to live in a society.

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