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Give her a Bronx cheer! Delusional AOC spins fangirl's fake news into an even bigger pile of BS

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is powerful AF, you guys. Apparently her image alone is enough to send chills down the spines of Very Important Men in expensive suits who hang out in hotel bars. At least according to a blue-checked fan named Nicole Sanchez.


Sanchez describes herself as a “Lecturer at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. CEO and Founder of Vaya Consulting. Purveyor of fine race/class analysis.” This analysis is about as fine as it gets:

What? Her woke toddler wasn’t there, too?

Well anyway, if Nicole was trying to get AOC’s attention, mission accomplished. AOC climbed down from her ivory tower to let Nicole kiss her ring — and turn Nicole’s fake news into an opportunity to bash corporate America:


You know, for someone who hates it when people “obsess” over her, AOC sure does have a knack for milking that supposed obsession for all it’s worth. The fact that Sanchez is most likely full of sh*t doesn’t really matter, as AOC is so full of it herself.

At least @SmarkHenry is intellectually honest enough to admit that AOC is intellectually dishonest. AOC wants to be a working-class hero and a victim at the same time. If her poll numbers are anything to go by, that schtick’s not working nearly as well as it used to. But hey, at least she’ll always have Ed Krassenstein:

Ain’t that sweet.

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