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'A Handbutler's Tale'? Google pay study yields some very interesting findings (cue 'sad trombone')

Hey Google, how’s the War for Equal Pay coming along?

Well, gee.


More from the New York Times:

When Google managers initially considered what employees would be paid this year, they decided that more women than men should have their pay adjusted upward to account for factors like how they were compensated relative to their peers, the company said. The money in question came from a discretionary pool earmarked for such purposes.

One effect of the adjustments was to create a pronounced imbalance in compensation among lower-level software engineers, one of Google’s largest job groups, with a large number of men identified as being underpaid compared with their female peers. To offset that, further adjustments were made. Google said it saw no pattern in the reasons women were receiving more discretionary pay.

Dontcha hate it when that happens?



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