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Bloomingdale's apologizes for triggering journos with 'completely inappropriate and harmful' t-shirt [pic]

These days, everything can be weaponized. Including … t-shirts?

Local New York reporter Allison Kaden was at Bloomingdale’s recently when she ran across something incredibly disturbing:


A t-shirt that says “FAKE NEWS” on it? Oh, the humanity!


Thanks for your feedback, “common sense voice.”


Well, their concern is noted. Because Bloomingdale’s is vowing to rectify this heinous offense:

Whew! That was close. Can you imagine if people in “FAKE NEWS” t-shirts were out there roaming the streets? It’d be chaos!

Almost as brave as the journalists themselves.

Perhaps Bloomingdale’s could just set all their stores and inventory on fire. Would that appease the Guardians of Truth?


They just make it so damn easy.

Meanwhile, in all honesty, Bloomingdale’s, you might want to reconsider ditching the shirts:

Bloomingdale’s could really cash in on self-righteous journalists’ tantrums:


Only one thing could possibly make that t-shirt even more appealing:



Guys, look:

Well, now they’ve definitely gotta keep that shirt around!


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