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'Karma is a thing': GOP Sen. Joni Ernst says she's a domestic abuse victim — and these libs are loving it

In case you hadn’t heard, GOP Sen. Joni Ernst recently revealed that she is divorcing her husband after enduring both verbal and physical abuse:



Years before her divorce, U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst was assaulted by her husband after she confronted him about his relationship with their daughter’s babysitter, she wrote in court filings.

Ernst, a Republican who represents Iowa, said that during her 26-year marriage with Gail Ernst, she was the victim of verbal and mental abuse and a physical assault after which a victim’s advocate wanted to take her to a hospital, she wrote in public records connected to their divorce.

“Gail has been very cruel,” she wrote. “This has been an extremely painful journey.”

Truly devastating.

And yet, some out there are using Ernst’s pain to take the cheapest of shots at her. Take AlterNet reporter Matthew Chapman, for example:



Sen. Ernst didn’t “vote against” Christine Blasey Ford. No Republican did. Many even acknowledged that Dr. Ford behaved very much like a victim of sexual assault. But Dr. Ford’s accusations didn’t hold up and she failed to meet the burden of proof. That’s not on Joni Ernst, and to even suggest that Ernst isn’t a victim because she wasn’t convinced by Ford’s testimony is absolutely shameful.

Sadly, there’s plenty more where that came from:


It’s not so odd if you’re human garbage.


And that’s still barely scratching the surface of awfulness. Shame on all these people.

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