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Libs ripping on Donald Trump's fast food spread should listen to Comfortably Smug (but they won't)

Earlier today, Donald Trump told the press that he’d be welcoming the Clemson football team to the White House with a dinner spread featuring “McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Burger King’s [sic] with some pizza”:


He wasn’t kidding:


Is it weird? Yeah, maybe a little bit. But some people seem more upset than they should be:



Ass fries? Now that would be worth getting upset about.

At least not everyone’s bent out of shape:


Donald Trump has done plenty of legitimately outrageous things worth complaining about. But this? This ain’t it.

Trump’s going to enjoy this even more if liberals keep letting themselves get pissed about it.

As usual, Comfortably Smug nails it:


They never learn.

Parting — ahem — food for thought:

We have no doubt.

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