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The hell? Armchair psychiatrist S.E. Cupp shames HERSELF with this analysis of Kanye-Trump meeting [video]

You don’t have to agree with Kanye West to think that what the media are doing to him right now is gross.


MSNBC hosts Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle were beside themselves over Kanye’s meeting with Donald Trump today. Not to be outdone, CNN personalities are piling on as well:

It’s one thing to dislike Donald Trump; it’s another thing entirely to diagnose Kanye West as mentally ill and accuse Trump of exploiting him. Where was this outcry from CNN when President Obama paraded celebrity after celebrity in front of the media’s cameras?

What’s really sad here is how S.E. Cupp has allowed her aversion to Trump to warp her sense of perspective.



It doesn’t get more transparent than this.

Here’s an exit question for S.E. Cupp et al:

Inquiring minds wanna know.

We see you, CNN. We see all of you.



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