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'She is SO done'! Heidi Heitkamp's new anti-Kavanaugh campaign ad should be the final nail in her coffin [video]

Heidi Heitkamp’s on one hell of a roll lately. In addition to having failed to seek justice for child victims of physical and sexual abuse at a Native American boarding school in North Dakota, she also revealed that she based much of her decision to vote against confirming Brett Kavanaugh on how Kavanaugh looked with the sound turned off.


And now comes this:

So, she’s straight-up admitting to not caring whether or not Kavanaugh is guilty of the heinous crimes of which he’s been baselessly accused.

This woman was North Dakota’s attorney general. Her state’s chief legal authority. And now she wants to be re-elected to the Senate.


Hope she remembers to turn the lights out before she leaves. Climate change, and all.

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