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'People SUCK'! Slate's Jamelle Bouie leads liberal charge to CRAP on this wonderful story

In case you missed it, an Alabama man named Walter Carr set out to walk 20 miles to work after his car broke down because he didn’t want to miss his first day on the job with moving company Bellhops. So impressed and touched by Carr’s dedication and work ethic was Bellhops CEO Luke Marklin that he bought Carr a new car:


Now, you’d think that this story would manage to transcend petty bullsh*t. And for a lot of people, it does. But not for everyone.

Slate chief political correspondent and CBS News analyst Jamelle Bouie, for one, thinks the appropriate reaction to this heartwarming story is to take a big ol’ crap on it:


It takes a special kind of special to find something sinister in one man helping another. So congratulations, Jamelle. You’re officially special.

The only thing that could possibly make this worse is if people actually swallowed Bouie’s B.S. Oh, wait:



Because why discuss what actually happened when you can try to score cheap political points instead?

Leave it to lefties to try to find ugliness in something beautiful.

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