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'PATHETIC'! Slate suffering from truly 'BIZARRE' case of Nikki Haley Derangement Syndrome

We’re still not sure how any sane person could have a beef with Nikki Haley, but Haley Derangement Syndrome is real. How real? Well, Slate’s resorted to combing through her and her dog’s Instagram accounts to, well, we’re not entirely sure:


Speaking of bizarre, Slate tweeted that article out a whopping eight more times after that. Which is apparently enough to reassure some people that Haley is, in fact, a terrible person:

But for those of us who exist in reality, Slate’s exposé is just a big ol’ bust.


Does Slate think that Nikki Haley is a successful, intelligent, conservative woman just to spite them? Because we can assure them that Haley has far better things to do with her time.

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