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KEEP DIGGING! Matt Damon's not doing himself ANY favors with these takes on sexual misconduct

Matt Damon’s responses to the sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein left a lot to be desired from a lot of people. This isn’t likely to do him any favors:


We’re not gonna quote Vulture’s post at length because, frankly, Damon’s remarks are so cringeworthy and tone-deaf, we’d have to copy and paste all of them in here. Suffice it to say, it seems that there’s a lot of sexual misconduct he’s willing to overlook or excuse because it doesn’t rank high enough on “the continuum.”

For example, when it comes to his pal Casey Affleck, who’s been accused of rape, here’s what he had to say:

“It depends on what the accusation is. It depends what’s going on. If it’s a friend of mine, I’m always talking to them. I know the real story if it’s my friend.”

Unless, of course, your friend is lying.

You should really read his other remarks. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself agreeing with these reactions:




‘I would have stopped it’: Longtime Weinstein pal Matt Damon pleads ignorance

Yeah, RIGHT! Matt Damon ‘knew’ Weinstein ‘was an a-hole’ but had NO CLUE about the rest?

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