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Hypocrisy alert! Can Nancy Pelosi please explain 'the rules of silence'?

Republican Rep. Steve King is still ear-deep in hot water over some recent comments about immigrants, comments which have been condemned by a number of his colleagues — including many GOP colleagues — as racist and xenophobic.


Nancy Pelosi is among those publicly denouncing King (as well as Speaker Paul Ryan for refusing to call King out):

Here’s her full statement:

“When Republican Congressman Steve King made his latest disgusting and racist statements, I called on Speaker Ryan and the Republican leadership to immediately strip his Chairmanship of the Constitution Subcommittee.  Since then, Congressman Steve King has doubled down on his statements, so I am doubling down on mine.

“Steve King’s racist statements must be called out as unacceptable, and the tepid, brush-off response from the Speaker and the GOP leadership is disgraceful.  Perhaps the atmosphere engendered by having a white supremacist as White House Chief Strategist has blinded Republicans to the difference between right and wrong.

“Where are Speaker Ryan and the GOP leadership?  Does their silence mean Congressman Steve King’s vile racism is acceptable?  House Republicans think they can keep quiet, but their contempt for the great diversity of our nation is being heard loud and clear.”


Well, Nancy, while we’re on the subject of unacceptable silence …

Without defending King’s comments, one can’t help but wonder why Nancy Pelosi’s not calling for herself to be stripped of her congressional duties after her unacceptable silence with regard to Rep. Cedric Richmond’s vile sexism? Is there a handbook we can consult?




Why won’t Nancy Pelosi criticize Rep. Richmond for his UNACCEPTABLE ‘joke’ about Kellyanne Conway?

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