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Al Franken partly blames Obamacare for Hillary's loss; Now guess who he blames for Obamacare

Oh, this is just too perfect:


Oh really?


Tapper: Let me ask you this, Senator: On that subject of Obamacare, because one of my relatives in Minnesota — a constituent of yours — who voted for Obama four years ago, she saw her health premiums skyrocket. I know it’s a real problem in Minnesota. As a result, she voted for Trump. How much do you think Obamacare might have ultimately hurt Hillary Clinton?

Franken: I think that hurt. I think a number of things hurt. Look, that is about the exchanges, so your relative is probably getting her health care through the exchanges, and this is something that people have a right to be mad about.

Hold up — so Al’s admitting that Obamacare isn’t the glorious success that Democrats promised it would be?

Among other things.

And, well, anyone with a basic knowledge of Democrats like Al Franken know that expecting any accountability is an exercise in futility. Here’s the rest of Franken’s thought (emphasis ours):


But the people they should be mad at really are Republican officeholders who refused to do anything other than vote to repeal the ACA, refused to, made it more difficult for insurance companies to be in the market by — this gets into the weeds, but the risk corridors, they basically did everything to undermine them. You know, now we’re gonna get a little bit into the weeds of health care, and I hope that President-elect Trump, you know, informs himself about what, how health care works in this country. We need to, if we’re going to repeal and replace, we need to replace it with something that doesn’t take health care away, or insurance away from 20 million people, that doesn’t take it away from people that have pre-existing conditions.

Got that? Obamacare’s complete crappiness is somehow the Republicans’ fault — despite the fact that it passed thanks entirely to congressional Democrats (and presidential ones). Pretty neat trick, huh?

Yeah, we’ll see.

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