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Are they for real? NYT's spin on Hillary doc dump is 'stinking hot garb' (seriously)


So, you know how today’s doc dump manages to make Hillary look worse than ever? Well, don’t worry, because the New York Times would like to assure you that it’s all good:


Oh, this we’ve gotta read:

Her comments were largely consistent with what she has said publicly about the email controversy in recent weeks – although Republicans maintain that she has contradicted her earlier testimony to Congress on a number of key points.

The details of the investigation may do little to alter the basic outline of a controversy that has dogged Mrs. Clinton and her presidential hopes since The New York Times first disclosed in March 2015 that she had used a private email system exclusively as secretary of state in the Obama administration.

Even so, the documents provided Donald J. Trump and the Republicans more ammunition — from the F.B.I.’s own files to attack Mrs. Clinton’s judgment and honesty as she heads into the final, post-Labor Day phase of the presidential campaign.

Ah. So, the take-home message here is that despite all the dirt, Hillary’s basically clean. But she’d better watch out because Republicans are gonna pounce!




Oh, that? Just a misunderstanding, no doubt.


If they do, we certainly can’t find it.



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