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'My God': This photo of Obama in Cuba symbolizes our 'utter humiliation' [video]

Yeah, well, apparently Obama’s not old enough for that.


Check out this snapshot from the president’s “historic” visit to the Communist paradise that is Cuba:

Oh, and there’s video, too:

Holy hell.

We’re living in the Twilight Zone.


And there’s the Leader of the Free World, standing solemnly in a creepy salute to a bloody mass murderer.

Cuba couldn’t’ve asked for a better piece of propaganda.

Absolutely chilling.


It’s actually not all that weird, considering President Obama’s slavish devotion to leftism.


What it is is sickening.



‘There, that’s better’: Obama’s gross Che photo-op gets ‘brilliant’ upgrade [Photoshop]



Obama Team Jubilant About Cuba Trip; Meanwhile ‘Dozens’ Of Dissidents Are Arrested

‘Classic reality moment’: Iowahawk offers @POTUS an important reminder about Cuba

‘Unexpectedly’! This headline about Obama’s ‘historic’ Cuba visit won’t shock anybody (except the WH)

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