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'Grotesque': 'It may not be good for America,' but CBS CEO loves cash cow Trump

As Twitchy told you, Marco Rubio is hitting back at media for complaining about his surgical strikes on Donald Trump. By propping up and enabling Trump’s buffoonish behavior, the media forced Rubio’s hand. And now they’re reaping what they’ve sown.


But instead of taking some time out to consider their culpability, the media are doubling down. Which is all right by CBS CEO Les Moonves:

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Not that the CBS executive chairman and CEO might vote for the Republican presidential frontrunner, but he likes the ad money Trump and his competitors are brining to the network.

“It may not be good for America, but it’s good for CBS,” he said of presidential race.

Moonves called it a “circus” full of mudslinging, and he hopes it continues.

America’s future hangs in the balance … but ratings, you guys. Ratings are what really matter.




Something for Mr. Moonves to consider:

Good luck with that, Les.



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