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Well, gosh:


From The Blaze:

President Barack Obama presented an optimistic outlook regarding fight against the Islamic States, during remarks Thursday at the State Department.

“Bottom line, there are fewer ISIL fighters on the battle field in Syria and Iraq and for those that are there, it’s harder for them to recruit and replenish their ranks,” Obama said. “As finances shrink, ISIL is also imposing more taxes and fines on those under its brutal rule. That in turn stokes even more resentment among local populations. More people are realizing that ISIL is not a caliphate, it’s a crime ring.”

ISIS must not have gotten the memo yet.

Oh well. If President Obama doesn’t think they’re a big deal …

“It’s a criminal gang pretending to be a state, said one Syrian refugee. They turned out to be thieves, said another,” Obama said. “They are not winning over hearts and minds and they are under severe pressure.”

Then what’ve we got to worry about?

It’s not as if he’s grossly underestimated their power before.



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