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'Who's the sellout?' War of words after Jason Whitlock slams Shaun King, #BlackLivesMatter

“Angry” is one way to put it …

Shaun King is pissed. And we mean pissed. Just about as pissed as it gets. Why? Because sports writer Jason Whitlock not only shamed the spectacle of #BlackLivesMatter, but because he singled out King as a particularly pernicious force for discord:


Whitlock writes:

It’s not a coincidence that Shaun King got his start at Black Lives Matter. I’ve never been comfortable with BLM. Its intent, in my mind, has never been about promoting racial equality or fairness. Its intent is racial division and distraction.


Guess who is running for mayor in Baltimore? Deray Mckesson. Guess who has a race-baiting column in the New York Daily News? Shaun King.

Look at all the chaos left in their wake. Their immature race-bait game has infected the sports world, which has long been America’s racial leader. Black athletes traditionally took bold, strategic stances on serious issues. Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, John Carlos and Tommie Smith were not afraid of being divisive. But they weren’t childish or rebellious for the sake of rebellion and Twitter followers.

That’s gonna leave a mark, right? You bet your boots:

Whitlock quickly found out what happens when you suggest that King’s motives are anything but pure:


Got that?

Spoiler alert: King didn’t like that.


Something tells us this fight isn’t over yet.

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