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Blame America! Ex-Gov. O'Malley plays trusty Dem card when Jake Tapper corners him on Baltimore [video]

And now for your daily reminder that Jake Tapper is seriously one of the best in the media business:



Tapper: “What do you say to conservatives who say, ‘This shows that liberal policies are failing urban America. Everything — this is a Democratic city, in a Democratic state — everything that they wanna do, they do here. And look at west Baltimore. It’s still horrible.'”

Dang. About time somebody confronted O’Malley with this!

No, he really did.


O’Malley: “Well, what I would say to them is, beyond the … beyond the tangible progress of nation-leading crime reductions, beyond the fact that we’ve made our schools, as a state, the best in America for five years in a row, I think the real question, or the real conclusion we draw from Baltimore, from Charleston, from Ferguson and other places, is that America is failing America. We are failing to live up to the sort of people that we expect ourselves to be. That our grandparents expected us to be, and that our kids need for us to be. You cannot create an economy that treats people and labor and human beings as if they’re worthless commodities. You cannot create pockets of unemployment and extreme poverty without creating extremely dangerous conditions. And that’s what we’ve done in our country.”


Let us stop you right there, pal: Baltimore isn’t America’s doing. You and the Democrats built this. You and the Democrats made this happen.

See for yourself:

O’Malley and his barrel of B.S. may make us want to throw things, but Tapper gives us faith that there are still genuinely good journalists out there who aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions.



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