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'Resign now or later!' Clown Prince Donald Trump takes on 'stupid guy' Jonah Goldberg

As Twitchy reported, Donald Trump tried to pick a fight with The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes, who — rightly — called Trump a “clown.”

He’s since moved on to National Review’s Jonah Goldberg, as Goldberg so magnificently documents:


Here’s just a sample of this glorious piece of gloriousness:

In response, the famously tough businessman who boasts he can take on Putin, the Chinese Politburo, and the mullahs got very upset. And as any first-rate presidential aspirant would, started relentlessly tweeting like a 14-year-old girl about it.

Again, if Trump is a tenth as brilliant as he says he is, there’s a really clever scheme hiding amidst all of this juvenile whining, like a shiny pony obscured by piles of manure. The thing is, I’m too dumb to see it. All I see is a guy who’s been preening for attention with bogus talk about running for president for years who’s deeply offended that nobody believes him or cares anymore.

If I didn’t find it all so hilarious, I’d think it was just a little sad.

Did Goldberg say anything that isn’t true? No. But The Donald doesn’t care. And he wants Goldberg’s head on a platter:


Oh noes! Surely Goldberg is quaking in his boots!

Snort. This is great, too:


It’s a beautiful thing.


We are all #TeamJonah. No contest.








Treasure it. Until next time, that is …


Donald is determined to dig that hole ever deeper:

Look at him. He’s just pa-recious!


Maybe if we let him think he won, he’ll go away?




‘Hit a nerve’: Donald Trump blasted for ‘baseless & shallow attack’ on Stephen Hayes

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