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It’s called moral degeneracy, and Slate’s Hanna Rosin has it.


In the sickeningly titled  “Abortion is Great,” Rosin discusses “Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights,” a new book by Katha Pollitt arguing “that the left needs to stop the ‘awfulization’ of abortion and embrace it as a social good.” Here’s how Rosin kicks things off:

I had an abortion. I was not in a libertine college-girl phase, although frankly it’s none of your business. I was already a mother of two, which puts me in the majority of American women who have abortions. Six out of 10 are mothers, which makes sense, because a mother could not fool herself into believing that having another baby was no big deal.

The entire piece is stomach-turning, but Rosin’s final paragraph is particularly horrific:

Several years after I had the abortion, I had a third child. Part of me thinks the shadow aborted child stayed with me and created a space for the last one to be born. Does this mean I was plagued by abortion “regret,” as pro-life activists claim, or haunted by my decision? Of course not. I never felt like I had done something awful. The truth is, I hardly thought about it after I did it, because I was too busy working and raising two small children. Like Pollitt said about the pro-lifers, I recognize that the fetus and the mother have a complicated relationship without being able to fully articulate what that is. The aborted fetus hung around as a concept, nothing at all like the living children I already had. Having an abortion left me with a sense of what a great power it is to be able to give life but also a sense that I can trust myself to use it carefully. (Emphasis is Twitchy’s.)


It takes a special kind of depravity to come to such a cold, cruel conclusion.






But that’s what they are. The truth hurts.




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