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'She's racist, right?' Joan Walsh wonders if Hillary's trying to undermine Obama on Bergdahl

Ruh-roh … here comes Joan!


On the heels of a Daily Beast article claiming that when the possibility of a Taliban-Bergdahl swap arose a few years ago, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was “not a fan of the idea,” Salon’s Walsh is dutifully running interference for Obama:

Who knew The Daily Beast was such a thought hub for the Right?

For the record, Walsh says she hopes Hillary’s standing firmly behind The One:

I’ll admit I’m slightly dismayed by the mixed signals coming from Camp Clinton. At best – assuming she supports the president’s Bergdahl decision – she’s still plagued by supporters who see political gain in undermining Obama. Assuming she’s running for president again, I’d like to see more discipline in the ranks this time around.

And that’s the best-case scenario. The worst is that she is, as some suggest, authorizing these anonymous accounts of her tougher stance in 2012 to at least sow confusion about whether she support’s Obama’s controversial “hard choice.” That would be tragic. If Clinton still thinks her path to the White House involves being more hawkish than Barack Obama, as well as undermining our first black president, she didn’t learn anything from 2008. And she won’t get there this time, either.

I happen to think she’s smarter than that, and gremlins in the media and on the right are sowing this dissent. I hope I’m right.


And, well, if it turns out that Hillary is indeed trying to undermine Obama, then there’s only one logical conclusion that can be drawn:

Walsh evidently wants to keep that possibility on the table:

It’s all she knows.


Decisions, decisions!

In any event, there’s a lesson to be learned here:



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