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B-b-but 'it's the law'! Obama blames Citizens United for government's problems

That’s “real journalism” for you.

As Twitchy reported, the White House press corps (save for Mark Knoller) dutifully refrained from asking President Obama difficult questions during this afternoon’s presser. Instead, they gave POUTUS the opportunity to whine about Citizens United. And whine he did:


In other words:

Just the sort of demented logic we’ve come to expect from the blame-gamer in chief.


Indeed. Particularly when you consider the White House’s childish “It’s. The. Law.” tweet about Obamacare. Last time we checked, the Citizens United ruling was also the law of the land.






Why? Because slavish devotion to The One means not having to acknowledge his raging hypocrisy.

Fortunately, unlike the lapdog media, Citizens United doesn’t roll over and play dead just because the president stomps his feet:

Try as he may, the president will never succeed in robbing us of that right.

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