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Delusional: Cenk Uygur suggests 'GOP hawks' are bullying Obama into war in Syria

Let’s twist again!

Earlier this week, the certifiably insane Ed Schultz falsely asserted that conservatives are pushing for war in Syria. Now, it’s Cenk Uygur‘s turn:


So … Obama would totally not even think about bombing Syria if it weren’t for those meddling “GOP hawks” torturing his spirit. Um, what?

When did Obama suddenly become frightened of squishy Lindsey Graham?

Except most in the GOP are against military action in Syria.

Uygur’s nuts, but to his credit, unlike Schultz, at least he’s got a few marbles left upstairs:


Abiding by the Constitution is what the president is supposed to do. So good call on that one, Cenk.

Definitely can’t argue with that.



Cenk Uygur: White shooter with assault rifle wouldn’t get ‘near the attention’ as Muslim bomber

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