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Amanda Marcotte: GOP politicians obsessed with young women having sex

Logic is not exactly Amanda Marcotte’s strong suit.

Case in point: Marcotte can’t seem to wrap her head around the idea that Republicans are capable of having opinions about abortion. The only way she can explain it is that they’re icky:


Oh, and that they’re constantly thinking about how to stifle sexuality:

Hypothesis? Look at her getting all scientific! She even posed a mathematical question:

Republicans are such pigs, right? Obsessed with sex!

Last time we checked, Republicans weren’t interested in punishing sex. They were more concerned about those choosing to engage in sex taking responsibility for their decisions. That’s not punishment; it’s accountability. And the Left hates accountability. No wonder Marcotte is so averse to GOP positions regarding things like birth control and abortion.


Really, though, based on her tweets, it sounds more like Amanda’s the one who can’t stop thinking about sex. Is there some kind of 12-step program she can join?



More math from mopey Marcotte:




Amanda Marcotte: wingnuts oppose taxpayer-funded birth control because of ‘fear and loathing’ of sexuality

Amanda Marcotte: Rush Limbaugh wants women seeking abortions to be shot

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