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Wistful Piers Morgan: Nanny Bloomberg 'the greatest president America never had'

Anyone up for a tongue bath?

Piers Morgan has got a serious man-crush on NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Earlier this week, he revealed his belief that “people need the nanny state occasionally.” But hey, why stop at a nanny state when you could have a nanny nation? If Piers had his drothers, that’s exactly what we’d have.


Needless to say, plenty of people disagree with ol’ Musket. And, darn it, he just can’t understand why!

No, Piers. What’s extraordinary is that you think people actually take you seriously.


Man, we shouldn’t’ve had that Big Gulp. With all our gigglesnorting, our bladders might actually explode.



Hold up, kids. He’s not finished yet:

Piers causes brain rot. Should we ban him?

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